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Season 3 couple Andrew Firestone and Jen Schefft got engaged but ultimately found happiness with others.In 2013, Firestone announced that he and wife, model Ivana, were expecting their third child.“The other girls borrowed my contour tools, specifically the Smashbox contouring sticks,” says Ashley I.“And I’m definitely a makeup girl, so other girls would ask me for help. “So if I needed help with my clip-in extensions — they’re good for updos for rose ceremonies — other girls were there to help me.It creates the most perfect waves.” is really great and makes you need a lot less makeup than you think you do,” says Ashley I.“Their lighting team does the most fantastic job in the entire world.

“For the one-on-one date I went on with Ed, I had 20 minutes to get ready,” says Jaclyn.

But I had the most anxiety about how I was going to go without my weekly spray tans.

After my farewell spray tan, I bought about four bottles of St. “I threaded my entire face and got lash extensions. Never used foundation, primer, concealer, or setting powder. You bet your ass I learned how to do makeup immediately.”. They definitely aren't running to a Sephora,” says Jaclyn.

“You have bad lighting in the mansion, for sure, and there’s, like, seven mirrors in the entire place,” says Ashley I.

“I used a little mirror outside on the balcony for natural light.

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Aaron Buerge and Helene Eksterowicz split up five weeks after he proposed on season 2.