Aedating admin quotes about dating anniversaries

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From that time, Boon Ex experinced ups and downs but was seeking for progress always: we've been developing the ae Dating software which got high positions and was the most popular dating software.

The customization of the default application configuration is easy to perform, due to the existence of extensive comments indicating the available options for editable parameters values.An average or a beginner user will be tempted to think that the application does not work because it cannot login to the application control panel.As a consequence, it is recommended to define a new user name and a password in the file in order to be able to login to the control panel as administrator (and from security reasons too).After this stage, the administration panel can be accessed (the install folder must be deleted).At this moment, it is recommended to return to the file editing in order to specify the administrator user name and password, as well as other settings for badwords filter, moderators access parameters, fonts, screen text colors, audio parameters and so on.

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