Accuracy carbon dating

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Accuracy carbon dating

Obviously if the material is not there it can't be dated [email protected]: Let me make a wild guess... (water erosion harks back to a far distant past when Egypt had abundant rainfall) Thus, the use of the carbon 14 dating method would possibly be irrelevant. i'm asking about the carbon dating because as i've mentioned, i doubt that the organic traces could very well scatter and be washed away long before the biological accuracy limit of 50,000 years, and i think that this obviously concerns the archaeologists - i could dump all of my food leftovers on my backyard and i guarantee that they would be gone in two months.i've kept my questions and tone neutral in this topic, but somehow i've had zero direct answers to any of my questions and i'm already being slammed with ad hominems.

It is your belief that the Sphinx & the pyramids on the Giza Plateau are far older than the generally accepted dates & you're questioning the validity of the dating system/s used to date them... you would think that any field of science would be happy to demonstrate it's methods to the regular people, but here instead i get avoidance and aggression.

Usually good archeologists are very concerned about proper dating, and go to great lengths to make their dates as good as they can determine them to be.(I would like to note here the date for Serpent Mound which Brad Lepper published, is off by about two millennia.

Worse, the accurate date for the site, which is in agreement with the stone tools found at the site, was pitched out by Lepper for "theoretical" reasons.

I'm not so worried about what have we been able to find or especially about the stonehenge - i'm wondering the amount of evidence that is lost by time, since to my experience it sounds very likely that various biological, weather and geological factors could wipe out tons of evidence in direct ratio towards the amount of time.

does the archaeologists take the environmental factors into account when dating the ancient sites, and how much of evidence they estimate to be lost to these factors?

See Taphonomy .polite, not aggressive, but neither accurate.

after it i asked about the types of materials taken into account and if there is a procedure to screen the available data. So you were wrong to suggest that you didn't get a direct answer and any you did were aggressive and evasive .I'd be fascinated to hear your reasoning, such as it is.That is not to say that there is any entity, either corporate or governmental, who would want to bear such an expense.can we safely assume that the organic material from the date it was built would be preserved even though the weathering conditions are what they are?Hello Skiessa , Some of the material from Stonehenge that has provided dates consists of antlers and animal bones (from the ditch of the henge and secondary filling of the same ) , later human femur from a beaker burial , charcoal from near the Heel stone , and multiple cremation deposits from Aubrey holes etc . There are various papers and one book in particular that will provide the info , if you need the titles ,do ask .

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You want to have a discussion where you can state 'no way' without having to supply hard data for the discussion.

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