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Here are six ideas to help mothers of estranged adult children get through the holiday. Mother’s Day, like most other holidays, brings up all sorts of “schemas,” a term for the storylines and imagery accompanying events that are part of our culture. I know his little heart was in the right place, but once, one of my young sons brought a handmade card from school – – Although I have truly had some wonderful Mother’s Days, some haven’t been all that memorable.“Happy Mother’s Day,” or even “I love you,” thumbed into a tiny Smartphone screen or typed into an email doesn’t match the roar of silence the rest of the year.And then, instead of joy on our special day, we find ourselves angry and full of anguish.If you can identify, maybe it helps to scoff at the schemas, lower expectations, and admit that Mother’s Day has rarely lived up to the marketed version. If you’re dreading the holiday, take some time to really consider what’s bothering you and make some early decisions. If the dreaded text will make you angry, turn off the phone (You can look at it later or the following day.) If you will be sad and don’t feel up to seeing others, reconsider your obligations.You could opt out of celebrations entirely, skip church, or do something out of the ordinary that starts a new tradition. The fastest way to get our minds off ourselves is to think about helping other people.

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Among the pews of intact families, a sermon to honor us can make us feel especially alone. Every store has a special display, and every restaurant a Mother’s Day special or brunch. Others tremble with a hope for contact we don’t quite admit, because we fear we’ll be disappointed.

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