2 month dating anniversary ideas australia online dating statistics

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2 month dating anniversary ideas

If I insisted on buying new clothes every season or wanted everything I bought to be in perfect condition (goodbye, used market) or didn’t see the beauty and simplicity in not buying the things that everyone else does, we’d be frugally screwed.

But by keeping an open mind and being fine with, say, some baby boy clothes that we’ve received as hand-me-downs for Babywoods (who is a girl, by the way), we live a thrifty and happy life. We both have a passion for a diversity of experiences and learning new things.

Having this type of monetary security as people who don’t earn investment banker salaries and who are only 31 is pretty unusual.

But, it’s not impossible by any means and, it’s honestly not that complicated.

I think the key to our longevity as a couple is our adaptability, our willingness to change together, and our lack of fear for the unknown (coupled with some foolhardy gusto)–all of which, incidentally, are attributes of the frugal weirdo. FW and I today are almost completely different people than when we first met in the lecture hall seats of our journalism 101 class, yet we’re more in love than ever.

We’ve found ways to stay on the same page financially, about our relationship, and about what we want out of life, while evolving into the people we are now.

We don’t tell each other not to spend money, rather, we decide jointly that we choose not to spend.

By not restricting each other’s growth, we’ve been able to bring more creativity into our lives. FW and I also find it refreshing to dabble in what the other is involved with. FW can take apart a machine, fix it, and put it back together with aplomb.

It would be annoying, but it wouldn’t be a disaster or a cause for serious alarm. Because we spend so far below our means that we could live off our savings for many years without making another dime or earning another cent of interest (and that’s accounting for inflation).We’re not rigid in most aspects of our lives, which has enabled us to imagine a future (retiring to a homestead at 33) that’s bizarrely divergent from the relatively conventional path we started on.Our adaptability has allowed us to move often for our jobs, explore new avocations, and perhaps most importantly, live frugally.He was the only guy in the class, but he wasn’t reticent.He expressed his views, did the readings, and was a full and active participant in the course.

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But, I’ve come to realize it’s just his nature to be endlessly curious and constantly learning.

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